AE Naturals Citronella Essential Oil Premium Quality 15ml

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  • Premium Quality Citronella  Essential Oil 15ml
  • Can be used in hand made soap
  • Can be used in cosmetics
  • Can be used in aromatherapy
  • Can be used in barious medical formulations
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Net Contains 15 ml
Citronella essential oil it is said that as an aromatherapy oil, citronella can help treat and prevent colds, fevers, and headaches. As a massage oil, it may aid in relieving pain in individuals suffering from arthritis…
Citronella essential oil as it is used for several purposes you can use as per your requirements like handmade soaps, creams and other cosmetics. You can use this essential oils directly on your skin, can use in herbal and other medical formulations, for bath, aromatherapy like this many ways you can use this oils.

2 reviews for AE Naturals Citronella Essential Oil Premium Quality 15ml

  1. Arun Banakar

    Using citronella oil is better than using any of the liquid patches available in market. If used correctly it will give better effect than any of the good mosquito repellent brands. Used the oil as an incense in lamps. Solved my purpose of driving away mosquitoes. And has a calming smell too. It can also be used on your clothes while going out to repel the mosquitoes. I have bought many oils from AENaturals and mostly it has been pleasant experience. The oil is hundred percent natural.


    Mosquitoes are part of daily life in India. And now its worse when many diseases are spread by them. like chikangunia and dengue. Its really scary.
    And I do not like chemical repellents like goodnight and allout. So I wanted something natural. Citronella oil is the perfect choice for me. You can mix it with any carrier oil with just 5% concentration and light it in any diffuser lamp. 5% means about 1 drop of citronella oil in 1 ml of carrier oil like organ oil or grapeseed oil.
    packaging was great and the oil is pure citronella essential oil. Excellent quality.

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