Tips to Apply A Day Cream Effectively


Day creams are essential but to apply it in a correct format and procedure provides more benefit. Get to the crust of applying a good day cream with these essential tips which you should keep in mind on how to use day cream for a healthier and beautiful skin.

Tips to Apply:

  • Use fingers to apply the day cream.
  • Use the cream around the neck.
  • Always use the cream in strokes in the same direction of upward motion to avoid uneven cream lines which look creepy.
  • Use a good quality day cream.
  • Look for ingredients or your skin type for best results.

If you are using Complexion Care (CC) or Beauty Balms (BB) creams, make sure you apply the cream evenly in a single direction using the ring finger for good finish.
Day creams are available in all types of moisturizers to light makeup base for all types of skin like dry, oily, sensitive or combination.

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